Common Engine Oil Problems and Their Solutions

A car runs for thousands of miles therefore, it is subject to wear and tear. The most common problems are linked to the engine oil, which is the lubricant that decreases the temperature of the engine, and reduces wear on moving parts. Hence, it is beneficial to both, car and the possessor, to know about these menaces.  Low oil pressure – When there isn’t enough oil in the system, the low oil pressure reading on the dash gauge starts flickering.

A dip stick can be used to assess the level of oil in the engine. If within permissible limits, then the problem lies elsewhere. There may be cases when one faces low oil pressure in summer, but, none in winter (or vice-versa). In such cases, the owner should check the viscosity factor of the oil used.  Burning excess oil – A common nightmare of all car owners is burning oil. The causes range from low viscosity or quality of oil to over heated engines and, low oil pressure.

Getting the engines checked for worn seals and gaskets, using ‘engine oil stop leak additive’ are some of the solutions. It is imperative to recognize these problems at the earliest. Any delay will only aggravate the problems and, increase expenses. In contrast, battery disconnect issues may cause variety of issues like air conditioning breaking down, power accessory malfunctions, false warning lights and even lead to damage of featured electric modules. This may require battery replacements or disconnection. Even the slightest hint of an issue should be bought to the notice of the local expert mechanics of Auto to ensure that the issue is taken care of the right time and no future disasters occur.

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